Internships in nearly everything

The Equalista App is going to be a smartphone and web app that educates users about equality and feminism – think a vocabulary trainer for equality! But we don’t want to just talk, we want to act. That is why we will offer as well concrete digital training plans to deal with situations of inequality, e.g. in your job. Our vision is to make the world more equal one user at a time.

 What we think we need:

  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design
  • UX Design/Research
  • Games Design/ Gamification
  • Research (Gender, Feminism, Anti-Bias, Discrimination, etc.)
  • Marketing/ Digital Marketing/ Social Media
  • Content Production
  • Software/App Architecture/ Conceptualisation

And what do you think that we need? Just tell us, if we need you and your skills!

We offer…

  • space to learn and experiment
  • the opportunity to be in the Equalista starting team
  • to work with a product that we believe will change the world
  • payment based on individual agreement
  • a company that wants to try everything in the new work realm
  • Location: Berlin (DE), Gothenburg (SE) or remote

It would be cool if you are…

  • independent and comfortable driving your own agenda
  • good at taming dragons and want to slay patriarchy
  • enthusiastic and full of great ideas
  • interested in feminism, intersectionality, equality and anti-discrimination
  • sometimes silly and don’t shy away from quirky
  • not afraid to roll up your sleeves
  • a team player that wants to contribute to the purpose
  • a fast learner that is not afraid of new things and does them anyway

    If you want to join us for an internship, please send us a letter of motivation at and tell us why you want to join us.  If you would like to work with us but think you are not qualified enough, please read this article!

    Don't want to work for us but beta-testing or supporting us sounds great?

    We will reach out with news and surveys to get your opinion. If you want to volunteer, please reach out to us