Equalista, now!

We all use apps on our smartphones to organise our days, tasks, and finances, improve fitness, meditate, find friends and partners, drink more water, shop smarter and so much more. We use our phones constantly and are used to solving our problems with and getting help from apps. And that is great! Why should we do it alone when technology can support us?

Inequality is still a problem, the blunt truth is that men still run the world, they often earn more, they get promoted faster and we even see that the trend towards more equality has slowed down. On the other hand, strong movements like #metoo and #timesup create a window of opportunity for real change to happen. We know the problem. It is well documented and researched and we can choose from a lot of books that offer advice and suggest solutions. But we can can’t carry around books and e-magazines and search for the right paragraph in our daily lives. So where is the technology that supports us right in the moment, when we need it?

When you search for ‘apps for gender equality’ the number is surprisingly low, even though there are a few great initiatives. The search results for ‘apps for women’ are outright scary. In 2018, The Guardian list The seven Apps every woman should own  includes apps for contraception, anxiety, workouts, period tracking, beauty appointment booking, hormone horoscopes, and makeup ingredients. Is this really how we picture women in 2018?

Every list is missing the kick-ass app for female empowerment and we are here to put our app on the top of the list of apps every person, not just women, should own!


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