Equalista sisters

Louisa Wiethold, Finances, Culture and Administration
She has studied Finance Management. After travelling the world and founding another company,  trying the hard business of auditing, she decided that entering the current male-dominated working world is not her cup of tea. Since not working is not yet an option, she just needs to change the working world and make it more equal for herself and everyone else. Easy as pie. Or, as we say, “Double L” –  Louisa Logic!

Get in touch: louisa@equalista.com

Theo (Theresa) Kauffeld, Idea & Product
She has studied Business Administration and Environmental Policy and Management in Germany and UK. Having worked a few years in tech, she has heard “well, this is a male industry” far too often and made it her personal goal to make that statement invalid! Instead we will all say:  Equalista, baby!

Get in touch: theresa@equalista.com

Kim van Loo, Product
She studied Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Being fascinated by the human brain and not able to resist a good challenge, she joined the Equalista team to help find a way of tackling those stubborn biases with kick-ass gamification.

Get in touch: kim@equalista.com

Lea Ahrens, Research
She has a Master of Education and was brave enough to teach students of all ages. Luckily we could snatch her away and she pours her passion for learning and education now into the knowledge backbone of the app. Her thoroughness is only rivalled by her cracking humour.

Get in touch: lea@equalista.com

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