Equalista Plus – Lifetime

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Pre-buy the app subscription for lifelong learning!

Est. delivery: July 2020


Limited Offer - Only available before launch!

The Equalista App is the world’s first learning app for gender equality. With the app you will learn:

  • Relevant terminology and concepts
  • To speak about the topic with knowledge and confidence 
  • Understand how inequality manifests in everyday life, the workplace and at home
  • Become aware of your own role in the system
  • Identify opportunities for change in your own life
  • Know how to act in situations of inequality


The Equalista Plus App Subscription offers you unlimited access to all features of the app, forever. We promise that the app will always stay free of charge for you! This is a bargain, because we have huge plans for additional topics (we want to take up all the -isms: racism, ageism, homo- and transphobia, ableism, etc.).

The Lifetime subscription includes: 

  • Full access to the app forever!