Equalista Plus – 6 Months gift voucher

24,99 incl. VAT

Gift a friend or family member access to all learning features of the Equalista app for 6 months – and they can start learning all about gender equality!


When you buy a gift voucher for a subscription, you will receive a code from us that can be activated at any time. The subscription starts on the day the code is activated and will end after 6 months - it will not renew automatically.

The Equalista App is the world’s first learning app for gender equality. With the app you will learn:

  • Important terminology around gender equality
  • How to use this terminology in conversation
  • Be informed of debates and disagreements around terms
  • Recognize how inequality looks in everyday life
  • Understand the choices and opportunities you have for change in your own life
  • Know how to act in situations of inequality


The Equalista Plus App Subscription means you can:

  • Unlock more content for each term in the glossary
  • Be an early supporter of Equalista, helping us develop the learning courses & more exciting features
  • Be the first to get access to new content releases
  • Influence the content of the app through sharing feedback


We will continuously add content to the app every week, and next year there will be many more features introduced. So in 2021 the Equalista Plus App Subscription will mean you can also:

  • Access to all courses and early access to new courses
  • Unlimited learning activities per day
  • Progress tracking and statistics
  • Personal recommendations
  • Feedback function for all activities
  • Connect feature to learn with friends or a partner