Data Privacy Policy

Who we are

Equalista is building an educational app with the purpose of informing about existing inequalities while also advocating for how these can be tackled and changed. Through education, entertainment and envisioning constructive ideas we want to develop tools that can counter inequalities and facilitate social change.

At Equalista, we strongly believe that technology offers a range of groundbreaking possibilities to facilitate social change. Launching an app that will offer a range of programs designed to tackle discrimination and inequalities is at the heart of our mission. In order to ensure an exceptional user experience, we collect user data but at the same treat those with the utmost care and according to current laws.

The team behind Equalista works in Germany which means that we process and handle data according to German legal requirements. For contact information follow this link here, if you have any more specific questions you can also contact us at

We care about your privacy. 

Data protection and digital privacy are important topics for us as a tech company. We strive for a strong value set in what content we share, how we communicate and, of course, when it comes to protecting your data. In order to ensure open, honest and sincere communication, please note that you can contact our team at any time when in doubt about how we handle privacy or in case you want to access your own data. It is at the heart of our mission to make our services as clear and transparent as possible. 

In order for you to understand every step of how we handle data and value your privacy fully you can find anything relevant below.

What do and why do we collect

As a tech company data processing will be at the core of what we do at Equalista. The data we collect is only limited to what you want to share with us voluntarily (e.g. by signing up for our Newsletter) or when you use our Website and future App services. This means personal information is only obtained on the individual’s knowledge and consent. We base the data collection of our services on the GDPR. 

We collect as little data as possible. We store this information for only as long as it is needed and will make sure you have control over your personal data shared with us. 

When personal information is collected through interacting with our website we will clarify the purposes of what the information is used for. The information collected is solely used in order to fulfill our own and ancillary activities connected to the Equalista project and is only further pertained in case we are granted the individual’s consent as required by law. Personal data should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used and to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date. We protect and safeguard personal information by using security programs against loss or theft as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. Upon request, we make information available electronically to customers about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information. We only retain personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill those purposes.

When do we collect data

Equalista collects data in these situations:

  • When you pay us a visit on
    • Every time a website is visited data is collected automatically. The information we will receive through that is for example from where you are visiting our website, which device you are using, and which pages you are clicking on. For us, the information collected is ground for important analysis in order to improve our website, to track errors and to make sure our services run smoothly.
  • When you sign up for our newsletter or the crowdfunding
    • When you decide to sign up for our newsletter it is likely that you will provide us with your email address as well as your name. That means you trust us with your contact details so we can send you the most up to date information on what is happening at Equalista – great and exciting for us! It ensures that we can keep in touch with you. At the same time, we want to make sure that your trust is rewarded by handling the information you share with us with great care. 
  • When you purchase a product in our Online Shop
    • When you decide to purchase an app subscription or a physical product in our online shop, we need certain personal data, like your email address, billing, and shipping information and payment data. A purchase comes with legal requirements. We need to share your personal data with the external service providers whose services are used in the fulfillment of your order (shippers, logistics companies, payment service providers, banks). Once the contract has been fully performed, your data will be blocked from further use and deleted as soon as applicable tax and commercial law allows us to do so. By purchasing a product in our online shop you support us financially in building Equalista. That means the world for us and we will make sure that you won’t regret that by keeping your data safe.
    • Once the contract has been fully performed or your customer account deleted, your data will be blocked form further use and deleted as soon as applicable tax and commercial law permits,

 When you decide to join our focus groups

    • In order to make our services better every day we establish focus groups. That means we get valuable insight into our customer’s needs and wishes. In order to be part of a focus group, you will need to share personal information with us that will be safely stored and only be made available to authorized team members that analyze the data collected. Without any explicit consent, none of your data will be processed further for informational purposes or as testimonies on our website. You also may withdraw from wanting to be included in our focus group pool at any time. 

We collect data due to numerous reasons. The main reason, however, is always to aim for making your user experience even better. To ensure that some relevant information needs to be collected to see which services are frequently used, which sites visited and to keep you sending updates and news on our services via mail.

Cookies, Plugins and Analysis tools

Normally, cookies, plugins and analysis tools are used in order to improve web services or assist your visit on our website. Cookies are small files of information stored on your device. Plugins are an addition to a software used that will improve the web service. All of them function as tools for third party sites which means necessary information that you will share with Equalista will also be shared with the services we are using. 


We try to reduce cookie traffic to the absolute minimum. Some of the cookies we use are deleted after the end of your browser session, i.e. once your browser is closed (session cookies). Other cookies remain on your terminal device and enable us to recognize your browser on your next visit (persistent cookies).

You can change your browser settings to ensure that you are informed of the placing of any cookies, and may decide individually whether to accept a cookie in a particular case or exclude them in general. Failure to accept cookies may limit the functionality of our website. We are only working with third party sites that we find absolutely necessary in order to ensure our services run smoothly. 

WordPress and Gmail

Our Website is run through WordPress and built with Divi as well as hosted by Namecheap. So far, we do not use any other plugins to run our website. That, however, might change in the future as they enhance the operationality of our website further. Any updates made will be registered on the privacy policy and kept up to date. 

For our email communication, we use Gmail. That means that any email you send to us will be stored on our email server. Your data will therefore be shared with Gmail to the extent of what is necessary to be able to use these services. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analysis service operated by Google Inc., based in the USA. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how far you interact with our web page. This tool offers us insight into user behavior, gives us the chance to evaluate how well our web pages are received and grants us information on where our services are used. Google may transfer information gathered through cookies to third parties when necessary, e.g. when it is required by law, but will not allow your IP address to be linked to your activities. You can always choose freely if you want cookies to be part of your web experience. However, they help us to enhance your experience.


We use WooCommerce for our Equalista Online Shop operations. As we mentioned above, we need to collect personal information and share data with external providers in order to fulfill your order. Please check the WooCommer Privacy documentation for further details.


Please note that we reserve all rights to amend our privacy policy in order to keep it up to date. Reasons for that could include changes in the law, technology or further technical advances such as out planned App launch in the mid of 2020. We update our privacy policy regularly. Information on when it was last updated you find on the bottom of this page.  

Still have questions that you would like to ask us? We are always happy to help. Do not hesitate to send us an email at


Last updated: 5th April 2020